My song "FROZEN STAR" is a bit of an emotional, ballad-type track that builds in intensity over time. It also has a somewhat uncommon time signature - 7/8 time.

Funnily enough, I didn't plan to write in that time signature. But as I was developing the idea it just turned out that the main melody and the bridge section just 'felt right' in 7/8.

I don't think it's too obvious that it's an odd-time signature as it has a nice flow to it and the drums support that feeling, rather than draw attention to it. For the solo I went back to good old 4/4, because I'm no John Petrucci or Alex Lifeson :-)   

As far as coming up with the title "FROZEN STAR" - that was more by accident than by design.
Once the song was finished and I listened back to it, it made me think of the universe and travelling through space. But it also had a somewhat 'hopeful' undertone.

So I started looking around for terms or phrases that could express my thoughts and feelings. Eventually I found the definition of a Frozen Star and that seemed to fit quite well: in astronomy a Frozen Star is a type of hypothetical star that may appear in the future of the Universe. 

Anyways, if you want to hear what all the above musings actually sound like, click on the video above.

CLICK HERE to find out what guitars and amps I used on "FROZEN STAR"

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