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In astronomy a Frozen Star is a type of hypothetical star that may appear in the future of the Universe.

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Across The Wasteland

Chris Basener

Inspired by current events, 'Across The Wasteland' offers a glimpse into a dystopian future.

"After the great climate collapse in the early 21st century that eradicated 70% of the population, many of the remaining humans wander alone across the scorched earth in search of food and shelter. The 'Urbaners' from the derelict cities call them 'Wasteland Nomads'. But they have to be cautious of others, because coming in close contact with a stranger could transmit a fatal disease."

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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris and I make short-films for your ears. 

The guitar is my voice to tell sonic stories, create musical moods and paint aural images, just like little movies for your ears.


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