'Guide To Playing Killer Guitar Solos' - E-book
  • 'Guide To Playing Killer Guitar Solos' - E-book
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This one-of-a-kind report reveals the strategies the Pros are using to come up with their amazing solos.
 It’s ideal for every guitar player wanting to create the perfect solo in various styles of music - from Pop and Ballads to Rock and Metal songs or Long Improvisations. It will help you become a more rounded guitarist and could turn you into an 'in-demand' session player like Steve Lukather, who always knows 'what to play and when to play' - a highly valued asset.

You will understand the different components and structures of several types of solos and will be able to apply this knowledge to any musical situation that requires lead guitar work.

Also included are several exercises that will improve your general musicianship:

• Learn The Simple Trick To Recognizing Intervals

• Gain Total Control Over All The Different Rhythms

• Find Out How To Imagine Your Greatest Solos In Your Mind First And Then Turn It Into Reality

• Understand The Different Structures And Components Of A Solo And Apply Them To Your Own Solos

• Discover A 'Strange But Beautiful' Exercise That Will Help You To Freely Express Yourself On The Guitar

• And More...

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